1. Sunshine

Press Release: http://tinyurl.com/s2ba5r4h
Track Credits:
The song Sunshine was written by Way (Papa Muse)
And mixed and mastered by Matt Saccuccimorano Ithaca NY.
Musicians that played on Sunshine:
Damian Dodge - Drums (Ithaca)
Jared Becerra - bass guitar (Austin, Minnesota)
Oliver Scott - Keyboards (Ithaca NY)
Jaime Ospina - Maracon Gaiteros (from the band Superfónicos Austin Tx),
Lydia Froncek - Talking Drum (from the band Ley Line Austin Tx)


When the moon is up, and the stars are bright
I long for your warmth, through the long cold night.

In the winter freeze, when the earth's asleep,
I long for you, to nourish me.

People change like seasons do,
But all the while love shines through.
Embracing time exploring your mind,
Soon the spring will bring the Sunshine

When you're far away, and the sky is gray
I long for you, to brighten my day

Stormy weather comes, nowhere safe to run.
Waiting out the storm, waiting for her warmth