Papa Muse Meaning Makers (official video)

The song Meaning Makers is to remind us that we all have the power to make positive changes in our life. 
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Video: Executive producer: Paul Smith, 
Additional footage by Jonathan A. Hochberg of Finger Lakes Music Press, Michael J Brutvan and Jack LoPinto. 

Meaning Makers Video Credits: Kelly Serbonich: Lead female 
Way PapaMuse: The narrator 
The apartment scene: Gary Hesslin, Corey Czimback 
The Ithaca Commons: Caroline Byrne 
The yoga class: Instructor Christopher Ananda from Yoga Farm Lansing N.Y. Class members: Chris Bedell, Maija Cantori, Selina Cowan, Ryan Curtis, Jennifer Hirtreiter Jennings, Jeremy Jungels, as the yoga students. 
Juicing instructor: Services by Jessie Joy. 
The classroom scene was filmed at the Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth Ithaca NY: The professor Rob Wheeler, Student nerds: Teresa Bee, David Clare Besag, Nicole Demotte, Chad Heath, Jamie Dalton Rounds, Khalil Castillo-Aponte, Erik Lehmann, Zack Luckin, Chrissy McAllister, Robbin Mizener, Cathy Nahimana, Stacy Rabenstein, Martha Theodora Taranto and Jud Wipf. 

Meaning Maker Man image illustrated by: Maco Rodriguez. Animated by Jacob Kaplan-Hall. 
Meaning Makers Audio: recorded, mixed and produced by Sean Kobuk. 
Drums recorded by Mike Parker at Pyramid Sound Studios Ithaca NY. Mastered by Jason Randall at More Sound Recording Studio, Syracuse N.Y. 
Musicians: Way PapaMuse: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass. 
Sean Kobuk: acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals, synth. 
Greg McClure: drums. Justyn Brodsky: bass guitar.

You Can If You Try

"You Can If You Try" marks a distinct change in the songwriting of Papa Muse. From hard hitting progressive rock and grunge to a newer flavor of dance-able world inspired music. Unlike many of his songs that come together quickly, this song started years ago as a simple groove pulled out for miscellaneous jams with other musicians. Something to get loose to. The lyrics and the bridge were then written over the span of several years.  

Papa Muse first recorded the song at his home while living in Florida 2007 - 2012 while first learning how to use audio recording software. The original midi drums, bass guitar, and jembe, have now been replaced by fab musician Charlie Shew. Papa Muse recorded the guitars and vocals and mixed the track. He also made this DIY video at home, and we think it is just quirky enough to give you insights into his world.  

We hope you enjoy the empowering message of this song and will pass it along to entertain and inspire your friends. We can all use a positive message sometimes.